Filtering in Event Reports on date

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
In an event report I would like to add filters for specific dates. The reason why is that I would like to see only results from polls, surveys or CTAs for On Demand viewers. And get results from that.

This way I can get the leads that we score via polls or surveys a lot easier.

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
Now, if I want to see who anwsered a poll or survey on On Demand viewing I need to open all On Demand viewers manually and look this up per person.

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?

I have 2 work-arounds. Either I look up all the On Demand viewers and open their PEP profile and look at their journey and see if they watch the/a webinar On Demand and if they voted our lead polls and/of survey and requested contact.


I just export all the necessary lists again and compare it to the results from the LIVE event. Do something in excell with VSearch etc.

But both work-arounds are time consuming and a lot of manual work which takes a lot of time also considering the amount of webinars we are hosting and it will only increase.
So, to have a filter on dates on event reports would really help us out.

I would recommend using the old-style reports. Click the “Switch back to old design” link in the upper right corner. Then you can choose “Custom report” from the dropdown, and it’ll let you choose a date range (or you can use the “Viewing type” field to narrow it down to only live, only on-demand, or both).

The old style reports are much more powerful than the current style.

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This look promosing @michael.madej I will check this out. Too bad that it’s not an option in the current report :frowning:

I do have a question… if you have the ‘old’ reporting features… it will allow you to show you only results from On Demand viewers, so only poll results from On Demand viewers etc…?

And it looks like I do not have the option to switch back :frowning:


I also use the “old” style reports, for much more than I do the newer reporting features. Perhaps you could contact your CSM to gain access to the older model of reporting.


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Thanks @karen.darby.1 I actually have a meeting with her today so I will discuss it :slight_smile: